Thursday, October 14, 2021

a recent week with Hello Fresh

 We had the best meals from Hello Fresh recently. *Chef's kiss*  Even the kids liked it all!  A true miracle.

We hadn't ordered from Hello Fresh in a couple of months and I wanted to treat myself.  The box arrived on Tuesday, so we planned the meals for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We had - 


Creamy mushroom and pork linguini with fried sage and parmesan.
This was SO good.  We did keep the mushrooms separate because both kids hate mushrooms, so The Mister and I just stirred the mushrooms into our bowls.  Leftovers were fought over.

 Korean beef burger with pickled veggies and gochujang mayo

I love a burger and this was delicious.  The pickled veggies and the salad were amazing, and it was a super fast dinner.

Cheesy baked ravioli with roasted squash and baby kale

This was the most time consuming one, with having to roast the squash first, but the squash did come already cut into cubes which I was thankful for, because I hate cutting squash.  The kids balked at this one at first, but once we removed "the green stuff" (kale) they both enjoyed their dinners.

If I could afford to order from these guys every couple of weeks, I would do it.  I love not only the variety of meals they offer but also how much stress these kits reduce for me for 3 dinners a week.  Check out their website if you are not already familiar with them.