Monday, July 19, 2021

how to - make a beer can "cake"

 I wanted to do something fun for The Mister's birthday this year.  He loves beer, specifically trying craft beers from different places, and the liquor stores around us have pretty good selections, so I made him a beer can cake.

These are all over Pinterest, should you need more information or inspiration, but because I am not very crafty, I took the basic "stack cans of beer together" and went with it.  I went to the liquor store and bought 10 cans of beer; 6 "tall" and 4 "regular", then hit the dollar store for some ribbon.  They didn't have any nice ribbon so instead I bought a roll of burlap (MANLY!) and purple yarn.  I also found some tiny lights to use in place of candles on the top of the cake.

I used tape to hold the 6 tall cans in place on the board and to each other, then clumsily tied some burlap and yarn around it to make it purdy.

 I realized once I was done that I should have wrapped the cardboard tray in wrapping paper to make it pretty too.  Fortunately my family knows how bad I am at all of this so no one cared or commented.

 My plan had been to make a second layer out of 3 cans and then the top layer with one, but I didn't like the way the 3 cans looked, so I used 4 cans for the second layer and stole one of The Misters beers from the fridge to make a top layer. 

I plopped a ribbon on top and strung the little lights all over my magnificent creation.

And it looked super cute once it was all lit up!

 Everyone was impressed and kindly ignored all the visible tape holding everything together.  These guys are the best.