Sunday, July 11, 2021

bruschetta pasta salad


I mentioned how hot is was the last week of June, with a heat wave pushing us over 40'C every day.  It sucked!  We ate a lot of sandwiches that week.  I wanted to make a cold pasta salad and remembered a very very good pasta I'd made years ago with a no cook make ahead sauce, bruschetta pasta from 2000 and freaking SIX, when I did my ABC's of food posts.  This was from G is for Garlic!  

I thought briefly, a year or so ago, about doing another set of ABC's.....but it seems like a lot of work.  Too much work.  Or maybe not?  Maybe fun?  No.  Too much?  Hmmmmm....

ANYWAY this is a delicious and easy pasta dish, hot or cold.  You could really throw lots of different things in it; we added some chopped cucumber and bell pepper to it the next day when our fridge died and we trying to use up whatever we could before it went bad in the heat.

It's a lovely summer time dish, give it a try.