Wednesday, May 05, 2021

carrot cake with chocolate glaze

That title above would have made me keep moving past that recipe.  Carrot cake?  Great.  Love it.  With CHOCOLATE GLAZE?  What are you even talking about?  No way.  Get out of here.  Cream cheese frosting or maybe whipped cream, those are the only acceptable toppings for carrot cake.

Or so I thought.

The Grandpa found the recipe in the BC Liquor Store free magazine, and passed it on to me.  And that meant of course, that he was hoping I would make it for him.  Dang it.

I wasn't super excited, but if it wasn't good, he would get all the leftovers.


 Guys, it was good.  It was GOOD.  

Now I will say that it did not taste anything like a carrot cake.  If someone made it for you and didn't tell you it had carrots in it, I don't think you would know.  It just tastes like a nice cake with a delicious chocolate glaze.  And sometimes that's all you need.

Recipe: Chocolate Glazed Carrot Bundt Cake