Monday, May 17, 2021

book haul

 I had some time to kill recently before an appointment, so I stopped by Value Village to look at their used books.  In just a few moments I had an armful to take home.

 I love used books; they are (sometimes) cheap, hopefully there is lots of variety, and the best part is that you can donate them again so someone else can  have a turn.

These four above I had never heard of before, so far I've only read All We Ever Wanted Was Everything.  It was fine.

I'd heard of The Alice Network before, but none of the others.

I haven't been reading much so far this year.  I'm stressed and worn out and often can't concentrate on words on a page. 

I was excited to find Half-Blood Blues - I had this on my Amazon list for years but then it was no longer in print. 

Buy 4 books, get 1 free!  So I did, and for $50 I got 10 books.  Pretty good deal.