Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Sunday Dinner - french onion soup casserole

 I made a really good soup in the Fall, and, drunk with power, I announced that I would be making soup every week to have for a quick dinner, or a fast lunch, and I think that lasted one week.  Maybe less?  Part of the problem is that my work days are long and by the evening I am fighting to stay awake and the idea of sitting and looking up soup recipes is not appealing.  I also try to not leave the house as much as I can, so my ingredients are often limited for a spur of the moment soup, unless they involve noodles and cans of tomatos, which seems to make up 70% of the pantry.

Then once you factor in allllllllll the foods my kids hate, and.....what's the point.

 They also hate onion soup, but the grown ups love it, so when I found this recipe for an onion soup casserole, I thought maybe the tiny tyrants might like it if it looked slightly different?

The answer was NO, of course but the dinner was still pretty good, even with all the complaining.  

I added more stock than the recipe called for, because The Mister and I thought it should be a bit more soupy, and I think we made the right call.  This was easy, pretty fast (other than cooking down the onions) and we will definitely make this again.

Recipe - french onion soup casserole