Saturday, December 05, 2020

cookbook cleanup book 19 - Over Easy

Book 19 is one I got this summer - Over Easy by Joy The Baker. 

As soon as I started reading the book, I loved it and started cooking right away.

Breakfast foods are definitely one of my favorite foods - eggs, bacon, waffles...oooh!

This book has it all - granola!  Breakfast quesadillas!  Biscuits!  Waaafffffllllleeeessssss!

We started off with the mango smoothie and sour cream waffles and it was a delicious breakfast.

The Mister  and I have always loved Ceasars and Bloody Mary's, so he was very intrigued by her dill pickle vodka and Bloody Mary made with the dill pickle vodka.  I can't vouch for the vodka, BUT a virgin Bloody Mary made with a shot of pickle juice in it is FREAKING delicious.  And also The Mister said the dill pickle vodka was really good.

I was very excited to try the Mashed Potato Skillet Scones which were.....fine.  

We were also not super excited by the Pumpkin Cake Bread.  It was good, but not as flavorful as I would have expected.

We rebounded to full on happiness with 2 pancake recipes - Banana Fritters  - very delicious and a hit with the kids - and the Sweet Bacon Pancakes but without the bacon in the pancakes because the kids freaked out and ordered me to NOT put the bacon in the pancakes.  But they were very good pancakes.

Next on my list is the Green Goddess Sandwich and the Sausage Pretzel Rolls, which I hope to make soon.

If you like breakfast food, you will like this book!  A new favorite around here.

Cookbook Cleanup results so far - Back on the bookshelf - 11  Donated - 8