Sunday, November 08, 2020

my favorites in october

 Did I have any true favorites in October?  No.  But I'll take this opportunity to share some photos and stuff.

First - a bunch of stuff I listened to/watched on my phone while I worked.  I'm still working from home, and working weekends, and it gets lonely in the basement.  Sometimes it's nice to hear talking, although I'm sure when I go back to the office I'll be inwardly furious each time someone talks near me.



Some baking and cooking that happened - 

Tomato Relish, to use up some of the tomatos ripening in the basement with me while I work


Rice Krsipy Treats made with Mars Bars instead of marshmallows and then topped with chocolate

CLT bagels for breakfast

Apple Muffins

Thanksgiving dinner, including broccoli rice casserole from Pioneer Woman

And Thanksgiving dessert!  Pumpkin Roll cake and David Lebovitz's chocolate mousse 

New tea, which came with a pretty little scoop that made me happy