Saturday, August 22, 2020

the power of orange and vinegar combined

I love cleaning with vinegar - it does a good job and it's cheap.  I decided to try one of the homemade cleaner recipes that are always floating around the internet.  I used this article for guidance although I didn't have any whole cloves or cinnamon sticks to add. 

I put my peels in a jar........

And added vinegar to cover.........

Let it sit for 2 weeks!

Pulled out the orange peels and there's my orange infused vinegar.

I added it to a spray bottle with some water.

And got to cleaning.

It works well and while it still smells very strongly of vinegar (of course) this is some orange there too.
Up next I want to try the lemon and rosemary cleaner - we used to have a rosemary plant in our garden, but I didn't notice if it came back this year!  Off to check.