Tuesday, March 31, 2020

my favorites in march

So, March really blew up didn't it?

I hope you are safe and well, and staying as positive and calm as you can.  
It is hard some days.

Here's a list of things I enjoyed in March, one of the longest, strangest, upsetting months in the history of the world.


by the book podcast - a quasi self help/info podcast where the 2 hosts choose a self help book to live by and share the results on the show.  Very fun, occasionally sad and startling.  For someone who has a ton of self help books lying around but never finds the time to read them, I like this one.


hula seventy - a magical spot. The author finished up a year of daily lists late last year, and February 1st of this year began a year of daily small stories.  This blog has buoyed my spirits more than once the past few weeks.


Carbs, but especially fresh bread baked by The Mister.  
The Mister is coping with all these goings on by baking a lot of bread.  
I am coping by eating a lot of bread.  


Disneyland rides on Youtube.

Our family is a big fan of Disneyland, and watching youtube videos of their rides (as well as Harry Potter land and Universal Studios) has brought some fun and laughs to some of our nights.


Hearts and Rainbows

A big big thank you to all the heathcare, first responders, city and provincial workers, store employees and all who are putting themselves out there to provide services for the world.  
You are truly the best.