Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Really good cookies

I think by now it's obvious to tell my family and I love cookies and especially chocolate chip cookies.  Sure it's nice to have an oatmeal cookie now and then, or a delicious ginger cookie.  Sugar cookies are okay sometimes, and who doesn't love a good shortbread - you can add chocolate to them too!  But we really really love chocolate chip cookies.

In fact, look at what I came across while doing a cookie search on my blog for the above chocolate chip shortbread cookie - a post from 14 - 14!!!!!!!!!!!!  years ago that confirms my love of the CC cookie:

I mean, come on.

So last weekend I was messing around on the internet before I got going for the day and I came across a cookie recipe that sounded really good - Bakerella's Major Mini Chip Cookies.

I deviated from her recipe by not making them giant size, and I didn't have any mini chips, so mine were regular sized delicious cookies jam packed with tons of delicious chocolate, and what could be better????