Sunday, December 15, 2019

Little grocery shop at Eastuff Grocery

I had a ramen night planned and the recipe called for 3 things not usually in our kitchen: miso, dried mushrooms and togarashi spice, so we took a fast trip to Eastuff Grocery on McGill, across the street from the TCC.

We found everything we were looking for, but I didn't buy the mushrooms because they only had huge bags and I only needed a small handful, and also some instant soups for the kids and the Mister (he got a spicy seafood one), some soy sauce and an apple soda.

The store is tiny and packed full of interesting treats, and the staff are super nice.
They are open 6 days a week - closed Sundays - so go check them out.

Eastuff Grocery Wholesale
1023A McGill Rd, Kamloops