Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Snapshot - Breakfast in Bed

Saturday morning once everyone was awake, the kids and I ended up cuddling back in my bed, talking about our busy day before.  The Girl, who likes to play restaurant, told me she was going to make me breakfast in bed and I was to stay in bed until it was ready.  
She left the room and I figured she'd be back in a few minutes with some pretend food on a plate, or would lose interest and yell for me to get up and be with her in the living room, but shortly after, she came back into the bedroom  - a big smile on her face, carrying my breakfast.  Her daddy had helped her make toaster waffles and fruit for breakfast for the two of us.
The Mister followed behind her with a plate for her, and once she was up in the bed with me, the boys left us ladies alone to enjoy our relaxing meal.
It was such a special gift - that she thought of me and wanted to do something so nice, and to have a bit of alone time, and her beautiful big smile, so proud of what she had done.
I could have stayed there all day, with my big girl, not a baby any more - almost 5.
How can it be?  
What will come next?