Saturday, November 30, 2019

my favorites in november

Here's a list of things I enjoyed in November -

On Netflix -

 Daybreak  - ooooh, that ending!

Outlander - guys, what is this show?  These people have the most toxic relationship and cause nothing but trouble for each other and everyone else.  I made it through Season 1, but I don't know if I can keep going.

On Amazon Prime - 

While ordering a part for our shower door on Amazon, I accidentally signed up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime.   Since I've wanted to watch the show Catastrophe since I heard about it, I downloaded the app onto my phone, and started to watch - 


I am a big fan of Rob Delaney and was thrilled to get to watch this show.  I zoomed through the whole thing and loved every minute of it.


Super bummed to find out while googling for this photo that there are only 2 seasons.  Boo.

Podcast - 

My Dad Wrote A Porno 

At the gym one morning I couldn't find any music or podcasts I was interested in, so I gave this a try.  Not a good choice for anywhere public - as this is so freaking hilarious, you will laugh out loud and people will stare at you. 

Head massager from Saje

I got this as part of a set with some essential oil and this thing is a treat.  You might think it looks goofy but dang it's relaxing and soothing.

This Irish Beef and Guinness Stew is perfect Fall and Winter cooking.  I've made it twice now, once on the stove, and once in the slow cooker and it's a delicious meal, even better as leftovers. 

Sushi from Eden Bento - my work pals and I treated ourselves and visited the very tiny Eden Bento Cafe for lunch.  So delicious!

Groovy tunes from John Denver - a super good album picked up from the newish record/vinyl/cd shop in the mall.  We listened to it a few times on Sunday - it definitely had a foggy Fall Sunday morning vibe. 


Have a good day and enjoy the last day of NOVEMBER (jc, wtf???)