Thursday, July 11, 2019

Cookbook Cleanup - Book 2 - Nigella Express

The second book in my cleanup is Nigella Express which I got for Christmas 
wayyyyyyy back in 2007.

This one has always been on the edge for me - there is a lot of stuff in here I won't ever make either because it isn't appealing or it contains ingredients I can't find.  Every time I think about cleaning out my shelf I always think this one should go, and this time was no different; even before I had opened it to find some recipes to try I was already thinking I would add it to the donate pile.

I have had some good luck with this one in the past - the crepe sandwich recipes are good, the scallops and chorizo and the banana butterscotch muffins too. 
The real winner of this book for me is and always will be her Rapid Ragu; which she makes with ground lamb and I make with ground turkey- and tomatos, lentils and cheese.  Delicious and comforting.  

I chose 4 recipes to make - Flourless Chocolate Brownies, Goujons of Sole with Dill Mayonnaise, Home-made Instant Pancake Mix, and Macaroni Cheese.  

First up was the Sole and it was an easy recipe to follow that produced crunchy fish and a tasty sauce.  The pancake mix was easy to mix up, and also easy to scoop and prepare a nice breakfast of 'cakes.

The Flourless Chocolate Brownies were so easy and produced one of the BEST brownies I've ever had.  They were raved about.  The sun and the heat came out here, so the Macaroni Cheese was swapped out for Instant Chocolate Mousse; a recipe I have stared at for years.  I needed to make a birthday dessert and had all the ingredients on hand and this was another one that knocked it out - such a fabulous mousse from a simple recipe. 

This book is not a perfect fit for me, but it does keep showing me that it has some great recipes, and I need to get over my assumption that it isn't worth keeping.  It stays!

Bookshelf - 2  Donation pile - 0