Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tiny Happy Tuesday

Hillary has started Tiny Happy Tuesday - what are you grateful for today? 

I'm moving slow this morning - The Boy threw up at 3am, the second time in 4 nights this has happened.  WTF?  He has no symptoms of anything.  By the time we got him and everything else cleaned up (shudder) and laundry started, there was no point in going back to sleep.

I wish The Mister was up right now to make me another breakfast taco, like this one that he surprised me with the other weekend.  Lookit!

The Boss snuck out and bought us doughnuts from PDK Cafe, which I haven't been to yet and if my pants ever stop hurting I will have to check out.  This was toasted coconut and it was amazing.

Yesterday morning the sunrise was so beautiful and strong while I was practicing my yoga.  I turned off the lights so it was just me and Mother Nature.

I had to stop mid pose and grab my phone to take this one.

And then again, a couple of minutes later.  Come on!  So pretty.

(I am also grateful for our new washing machine as it cleans up the boys sheets and blankets and towels after our night.....)