Saturday, March 04, 2017

Taking Stock - March

Last months list was a bit on the negative side, so I'm choosing to be more positive this month-

Making : an effort to be more crafty and arty.  But boy, I am not very good at it.

Cooking : is still a chore.  Kids are so picky.  I told The Boy that when he is grown up I am going to go to his house for dinner and complain about everything he makes.  He told me that would be mean. I pointed out that this is what he does to me.  He failed to see the similarities.

Drinking : more water is my goal this month.  And to also eat better and start losing a few pounds.

Reading: daily is back to being part of my routine, most days.  I just finished a book that I'd bought due to the rave reviews I read, but I didn't think much of it.  I just started a Deepak Chopra book I bought a number of years ago but haven't yet read.

Trawling: mostly for yoga inspiration these days.

Wanting: to compile a list from all the emails I've sent myself about books I want to read.  I have one more gift card to spend, so I will have to choose wisely.

Looking: forward to Spring!  So badly. I love the longer days already  - a little less darkness is a good thing.

Deciding: on menu planning for the next few days, right after I work on this.  Yippee.

Wishing: some days that I could fit more in a day.  And some days, less.

Enjoying: how much less TV I am watching these days.  Our PVR is rapidly filling up, so I will have to make some drastic choices on shows that are definitely out.

Waiting: is almost over.  I bit the bullet and complained to our cel phone provider about my shitty SHITTY iphone that is only 2 years old, and I've got a new phone sitting at the post office for pick up.  I'm more freaked out that I should be about not having an iphone anymore, but hopefully once I get used to it, it will be a better phone that actually works.

Liking: a drink that a co-worker introduced me to at Cafe Motivo downtown - hot chocolate with a shot of salted caramel syrup.  So delicious.

Wondering: if it's time to get my hiney out of this chair and move on to other chores......

Loving: my family.  I am lucky.

Pondering: on cleaning out the pantry and freezer soon. They are so messy, it seems like it would be easier to keep ignoring them than to clean them out.

Listening: to The Tragically Hip.  I scooped our "best of" cd's from The Mister and have been listening to them on my drives to and from work.

Considering: getting ready to do a big Spring clean of the house.  It needs it.

Buying: Bought both kids shoes and pants.  The Boy has no waist or hips and the skinniest legs.  It was pretty funny, but I was also a bit jealous.

Watching: movie night with the kids is pretty fun, as long as you don't want to actually hear the movie.  Saw Finding Dory, which was cute.  The Octopus stole the show, and the touch pool scene in the aquarium made me laugh out loud.

Hoping: to get to all of my yoga classes this week.  I've had to work extra lately and missed some.

Marvelling: at The Boy's progress at school the past few months.  He's settled in a bit more, his teacher loves him, and he loves reading now.  Very exciting for me.

Cringing: at my reactions sometimes.  I need to Practice the Pause.

Needing: to get some stuff done today.  Like laundry, cleaning, dinner, dinner prep for the next few days, and bill paying.

Questioning: how to deal with difficult people.  I seem to be surrounded by them.

Smelling: the peppermint soap I've packed up to take to work.  I'm moving desks and will be cleaning out my new area with peppermint to clear away negative energy.

Wearing: a dress that I don't like enough to wear outside the house.  It's a cheap Old Navy dress that is not very flattering.

Following: advice is a lot harder than dishing it out.

Noticing: how kick ass I feel this week after learning 2 new yoga poses.  So cool.

Knowing: I am heading towards the right path.

Thinking: about how I keep saying today is the day I make more changes to my eating habits.  And then it doesn't happen.

Admiring: the strength I see in people.

Getting: so into another book right now - Shrill by Lindy West.

Bookmarking: food, yoga, and how to make homemade body scrubs with baking soda.  I am nearly out of Lush products from the gift from my MIL at Christmas 2015, so I will have to get inventive.

Disliking: how cold the weather turned after our beautiful warm spell.

Opening: the fridge this morning to find leftover pizza for breakfast.  Yaaaaasssssssssssss.

Giggling: didn't happen much yesterday. Let's make it a priority for today.

Feeling: excited that we get to go out for dinner this weekend! 

Helping: others sometimes is a thankless job.  So thank yourself.

Hearing: the tinkle of the water filter in the aquarium.  If I close my eyes can I pretend I'm at the ocean?

Celebrating: my parent's anniversary soon.  I'm excited about the gift we're getting them.

Pretending: I am a yoga teacher sometimes when I practice at home. Silly but fun.

Embracing: the niceness and positivity around me.