Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mighty Life List - Let's Get Crafty - Photo holder

This is a super fun, pretty easy craft that I can take nearly no credit for at all.

In the Fall The Mister and I were in the big name craft store, and I saw this photo frame 
that had clips for photos, which I thought was a really neat idea.  It was an ideal gift for 
The Grandparents, I thought, so easy to switch out photos!  
But the price tag nearly knocked me over.  I showed it to 
The Mister, and said - do you think we could make something like this?  
So we did.

We wanted to make one for us and one for The Grandparents, so The Mister 
went to the building store and bought a length of 2x4.  We figured out how long 
we wanted the frame, so we could hang 3 photos either portrait or landscape.  
He cut them into the lengths we wanted and 
sanded them smooth and slightly rounded the edges.  

He wanted to try a paint technique where you put a color of paint on, 
then once it's dry you paint over it with white, then when THAT'S dry, 
you sand it so the undercolor shows through in areas.  So he did that and the kids
 helped  and there was only a medium sized mess to clean up afterwards.

Next we tracked down some Crocodile clips to hang the photos.  
The Mister attached 3 to each frame, again spacing out as best we could so that 
you could hang photos either way, portrait or landscape.

The Mister attached a photo hanger to the back of each, and voila!  
A very pretty, beachy photo holder that can be changed up easily.