Sunday, February 05, 2017

Taking Stock - February

Making : bread has once again become a favorite of mine.  Years ago, documented here, I got into bread making courtesy of some blog people.  I never was as hard core as them, but I really enjoyed playing around with different breads.  The passion went away for a while, but it's come back thanks to a clearance table find of Paul Hollywood's 100 Great Breads.  I LOVE this book.  If you see it, buy it.
Cooking : ugh.  UGH.  I'm still tired of cooking and tired of having to come up with ideas. 
Drinking :  Ice tea.  Water.  More ice tea than water.  Need to change that.
Reading: not much these days.  I've become a bit obsessive about reading articles on Facebook and Instagram about how the US and the world are going to hell quite quickly.  This shit is blowing my mind.  So reading actual books has taken a back seat, which I'm hoping to remedy quite soon.  I'm currently reading two books and enjoying neither of them, so that makes it even harder.  I feel compelled to keep going with both, in case they get better, but I would like nothing better than to abandon them both and move on. 
Trawling: the internet for article on the silk worm for The Boys science homework.
Wanting:a re-do on the American election.  You guys really fucked up.
Looking: outside at all the snow falling.  I don't find it lovely or peaceful.  Because I have to shovel it. 
Deciding: what to do this weekend got easier Friday afternoon.  The Boy is sick, so this is a low key weekend.
Wishing: that my stress eating habits would go away. 
Enjoying: my family.
Waiting: for Spring!  I know, it's only the beginning of February, but I can't wait for green grass and warm breezes and walking outside because I want to, not have to.
Liking: this new coconut oil I bought - for your body.  I've had very bad dry skin on my hands this winter - it cracks almost daily - and this is helping a lot. 
Wondering: why people can't just be nice.
Loving:those who love me back.
Pondering: why people choose hate over love.  Why they hide behind masks and sayings and pretend to love and proclaim positivity but turn around and judge those who are not exactly like them.
Listening: to Prince and George Michael. Thank you Wal Mart for $5 cd's.
Considering: if we can do some needed home repairs ourselves, or if we are going to have to hire someone.
Buying: from the health food store adds up fast!  I went there the other night to get some chia seeds and vitamins and the brand of body lotion and soap we've started using.  I abandoned the vitamins and got some deodorant for myself, which I've been wanting to try a more "natural" one for a while now, but holy hell, what a price difference between the regular stuff and the natural!  I bit the bullet last night.  And nearly shrieked out loud when the cashier announced my total.  I also bought an empty spray bottle so I can make some natural body spray.  Any suggestions?
Watching: no tv lately.  I watched part of a Christmas special from the Great British Baking Show last weekend, but that was the first "grown up" show we've watched in weeks.  However, we recorded the new Ghostbusters to watch with the kids, and I am excited about that. 
Hoping: for change in the world.  Women are not second class.  Neither are Africans, Muslims, LGBTQ, the poor, the ill, refugees, immigrants.  We are all one. 
Marvelling: at the stars in the sky.
Cringing: at America.  Really, is there any other answer right now?
Needing: to read more.
Questioning: everything.
Smelling:  nothing,  This one is so weird.
Wearing: A few less options from my closet lately, thanks to this 10 pounds I gained last year that does not want to go anywhere.
Following: or leading?
Noticing: less of the people who are showing me how little they care.
Knowing: that you can't control the actions of other people. 
Thinking: that this is not the world that I want for my kids. 
Admiring:strong women, who hold themselves and other women UP.  We are in this together.
Getting: broker because we bought not one, not two, but three appliances/gadgets for the kitchen last weekend.  A new toaster oven, a new rice cooker, AND a new spiralizer to replace this one.  We are already in love with the toaster oven and hopefully the other two will be unboxed and used soon.
Bookmarking: recipes.  Yoga articles.  Same old.
Disliking: the news.
Opening: my first jar of Earth Balance Coconut Peanut butter yesterday.  I was the only one in the family who liked it. 
Giggling: at Hello, My Name is Doris. Oh, and then crying. 
Feeling: so much better with daily yoga.
Helping: myself with meditation didn't work.  I can't get my mind to stop.  Frustrating. 
Hearing: the sounds of silence.
Celebrating: some big things this year.  Big birthdays and stuff.  You know.
Pretending: everything is ok.
Embracing: life.