Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sunday dinner - lasagne, bread and ice cream

Sausage, Cheese and Basil lasagne from The BonAppetit Cookbook was the entree for this dinner.  It was a big hit.  Between using sausage instead of beef, and having pureed basil in with the cheeses, how could it not be?  So good.  Recipe here.  I used Italian sausage instead of hot, and was a bit skimpy on the cheese - we had less in the fridge that I thought, but it was darn near perfect.

The bread was a wonderful loaf from Paul Hollywood's Bread,  a book I picked up for $5 a few months back. I've cooked about 5 recipes out of it and each has been better than the last, with the slight exception of the pizza dough.  It was fine, but I've made better.
This one is called Pain De Campaigne, and is made with rye flour and oregano.  
The Mister picked it out and I wasn't too excited about it, but it was a lovely bread.
The Grandfather was over the other day to spend some time with The Girl while we were 
out with The Boy, and he thumbed through the book and made his own 
list of recipes he wants me to make for him.  What a guy.  

The ice cream was store bought but delicious - Island Farms Coconut Ice Cream.  
We've hit a wall with all the cookies and cakes lately, so something light and refreshing 
and optional that didn't require any effort or cooking sounded perfect to me.