Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Sunday Dinner - Rustic Pizza and Apple Crisp

This was a stellar dinner - Pizza Rustica from Nigella, which isn`t actually a pizza at all, 
but a two crust, deep dish savory pie.  It was very very delicious, even though 
rolling and forming the crust nearly sent me into a panic attack.  
What is it about me and pastry dough?  We just do not get along.

It was completely delicious, and tasted very breakfasty to me, which 
is not at all a complaint.  
It was also delicious with brown sauce, of course.  

Recipe is in How To Be A Domestic Goddess, if you`re interested.

Dessert was a pretty good apple crisp, also from my Instagram testing, from my
 Cooking With Mickey Around Our World book.  As I mentioned on Instagram, I
 bought the book at a book sale because I`m still missing my Disneyland 
cookbook from my childhood, which is long missing.  
The book, I mean.  And my childhood too, I guess.

Cooking from the book has made me think I should use the 
internet to see if I can track down a copy....... 

Update, 5 minutes later.  Huh.  
Well, I`ve ordered it from a seller in the US.  
It`s costing me nearly $40, but it looks like it`s the one I want.  
So I guess Merry Christmas to me!