Sunday, August 28, 2016

Instagram - 90 books reviewed

I took a long hard look at some of the books on the shelves, and got rid of the ones that I knew I would not cook from - the old retro books and charity sale ones that I bought just to buy something, a few I held on to because I thought I "had to" - but really, no one is going to notice, and Marti is not going to show up and be furious with me because I no longer have the cookbook she bought me as a housewarming gift 8 years ago.  Marti probably doesn't even remember buying me that book.
By the end, I got rid of a lot of books - easily 40.  I was glad to see them go.

A few notables that have left - a book on sandwiches, a raw food cookbook that I bought when we were moving from Calgary, God knows why, and Nigella Summer, which shocked me a bit, but this book and I have never really jived.  It has some great sounding boozy desserts that I wish I'd tried before I stopped drinking, and a wonderful ice cream section, but I don't have an ice cream maker, so out the door it went.