Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Something I like - Line a day memory book

I bought this on impulse at the end of December, and it's become very important to me 
quite quickly.  The one line a day memory book give you a small space to jot a few lines
 about each day of the year, for 5 years.

I have an absolute terrible memory - I am not a parent that can spout off facts and dates about their kids development at the drop of a hat, or even tell you what I did last weekend, usually.
It's sad.
Our lives are really not super crazy, so some days are easier and more
 fun to fill in than others.   What a joy it will be to look back at days that say
"Worked late.  A&W for dinner."!
Hee.  But I am excited about keeping this up to date and being able to look
back at our year, and years.

I also think this would be a great gift for new parents - what a way to track important days and milestones in your babies lives!  If only I'd know about this 6 years ago.

Buy here!