Friday, January 15, 2016

The Buffet

Last month we visited the new casino in town for lunch at The Buffet - their (you guessed it) buffet restaurant.  The Mister loves a salad bar, and you don't see them often any more, so he's been wanting to go since the concept was announced.

It's pretty straightforward - pay at the entrance, grab your cutlery, find a table, and get to eating.  

After grabbing a red plastic Coke cup of beverage (ice tea and water for me, ginger ale for The Mister), we headed to the soup and salad station.  We tried both soups - Italian Wedding and Minestrone.  The Wedding was pretty standard.  The Minestrone was good - the fresh beans and zucchini had nice firmness to them.  

The salad bar station was not too bad - 2 lettuce choices, 3 dressings, plus cheese, bacon, veg, croutons and seeds.  The only quibble I had was there was only one set of tongs out for both cheeses and the bacon, meaning the cheeses had bacon in them, and the bacon had cheeses in it.  Not the end of the world, but I'm sure they could have found a couple of extra sets of tongs in the back.

On to the mains - there were 4 choices for vegetables - roasted potatos (which were borderline cold), peas, brussel sprouts, and deep fried zucchini.  There was pork fried rice, baked mushroom pasta, and the meats - 5 selections.  BBQ shredded pork, sweet chili chicken, teriyaki pork bites, spicy ginger beef strips, and fish bites.  

Lots of brown food.  A sea of it - the rice, the spuds, the zuke, pork, chicken, pork beef, fish.  Brown.

But, mostly tasty.  The pasta was super bland, and the chicken, while looking appetizing, hardly had any flavor.  But the rest were all good to quite good.

Desserts were bad.  3 choices, and all very obviously prepackaged from a supplier.  

The staff were all lovely, and the price was not bad - $12 for lunch.

The Buffet is open for weekend brunch, lunch Monday - Friday, and dinner nightly.
Supposedly they have "theme" buffets as well, but I can't see any info on the website.

Website:  The Buffet