Thursday, November 12, 2015

Morning photo

This photo contains 3 things I love -

Bacon and scrambled eggs with seasoned salt
My new daily journal

I'd like to think I'm a fairly organized person, but I'm not.  
I'd like to think I have a good memory, which is also not true.
I feel like I am constantly forgetting things, which sadly is VERY true, so I was quite interested when I happened across some information on Bullet Journaling. There is way too much to say about it, but it's a system - a flexible system - of organizing a notebook into keeping your appointments, tasks, goals, lists, pretty much whatever you want to track.

I bought myself a $1.25 notebook and $1.00 worth of small labels at the dollar store to get started.  Then I read some posts over at Miss Zoot, thought about what my goals were with this system, and got started.  I made myself a page for goals/tasks for the month, some pages for notes I think I'll use (Stuff to Know, Gift Ideas, Movies to see, Books to Read), and then a section for daily happenings.  
I've been using the notebook for just under a month now and I'm so happy with it.  I use a couple of elastic bands to keep it shut and throw it in my purse so I've always got it with me in case I need to add something.  (Which I did yesterday!  I felt so grown up pulling it out and adding a note.  Go me.)
I try to remember to check it every morning for not only that day, but the week.  

I definitely feel more organized and while I still don't accomplish as much as I'd like in the timeliest of manners, I'm feeling more like I've got a hold of things, and that's important to me.  

Check out Miss Zoot's posts, and there's tons of stuff (obvs) if you google bullet journal.
If you're super creative or artistic, check out pinterest too.