Sunday, November 01, 2015

Leftover Turkey Curry

Around day 3 of leftovers I start losing interest.  Doesn't really matter what the
 leftover is, except pizza.  I NEVER get tired of leftover pizza.
Turkey leftovers are always a problem because the turkey always seems to get so dry so quickly.
I figured a curry was the way to go to take care of the last couple of cups of bird.

I used this recipe from Mark Bittman because I had all the ingredients plus it 
only called for 2 cups of turkey.  I used a bag of my handy dandy frozen spinach in 
place of the fresh, because that's what I had.

This was a fast weekend lunch that everyone - including The Boy AND The Baby enjoyed, 
much to my surprise.

This was my first curry I've made that didn't use curry powder or paste.  
I omitted the cayenne for the babies, but it was still nice and flavorful.  
A definite keeper.