Monday, November 09, 2015


Do you like board games?
When I was a kid I didn't play much - my friends and I could always find something 
more exciting to do; I am an only child, and my parents weren't much into them. 

I loved The Game of Life, and Big Bucks (Canadian Monopoly) and of course, Trivial Pursuit.  My absolute favorite was called Mystery Mansion, where you had to build a house and search for treasure.  Ah, I wish I still had that one.  How could I have gotten rid of it???

The Mister and I used to have a games night with another couple years and years back, once a month.  We'd alternate board games with card games.
We used to take cards and games camping too.

I've always dreamed of playing board games with my kids, and The Boy is showing some interest in actually playing the games, not just flinging the pieces everywhere.

We bought him the Minion version of Trouble in the summer, but man that game can take forever , and the opportunity of sending your opponents back to start over doesn't sit well with him, unless he's the one sending someone back.

I picked up Junior Monopoly last weekend, and we gave it a try.  It was fun, straightforward, and pretty quick to play, so the game was over before his attention span gave out.

Do you play family board games?  What are your favorites?  
Are you a lenient player, or a cutthroat, win at all costs one?