Saturday, September 26, 2015

New plates!

We've had our plates for a long time, 8 years now. 
And they look it. Most are chipped, a couple have small cracks. 
The big plates are TOO big, and too heavy.
We've lost a few to outright breakage. 
Chips and cracks in something you eat off of isn't a good idea, so I decided 
to treat myself to a new set of plates. 

The thing was, I didn't want a new set of dishes.  

I love mismatched things.  If you've ever seen the way I dress, you know how true that is.
But I really do!  I don't like things to be too matchy matchy.  
I sprung my idea of not only new plates, but new unmatched plates on The Mister one day when he seemed fairly agreeable.  I didn't want him to have too much time to think about it.

He was, as I thought he would be, pretty "Whatever" about it.  

Figuring out where to look took a bit more thought.  I didn't want to do dollar store cheap, and although my first idea was thrift store, I decided I wanted new, not vintage.  
And the price had to be right too.

I stopped by Pier One on a whim and found just what I was looking for 
in the corner - the clearance section!
We picked out 6 small and 6 large plates.  2 of the large and 2 of the small are the same patterns of each, because they were The Misters favorites, but the rest are all gloriously different.  

I love how great these look on the table, with our mismatched napkins and mismatched place-mats (when we use them).  (The place-mats, I mean.  We always use napkins.)

The other thing I love is how reasonably priced the 12 plates turned out to be.  They ranged in price from $1.98 to $9.95 for one of the large plates that I just couldn't resist.  The total for all 12 - $64.62!  Including tax!
Way less than buying boxed sets would be, especially since we didn't need bowls, and 
I didn't want mugs.  Don't get me started on matching mugs.