Saturday, August 01, 2015


A lot has changed in my life lately, but there is one constant - burgers. 

Ha!  Not really.  Except sort of.  

We love burgers a lot.  We rarely go more than a week or two without making them.  
And make them from scratch.  No pre-made patties around here!
I have lots of books and recipes for burgers, but I mostly just throw in whatever we have around.

When I was a kid, my mom had a friend who made us burgers a few times.  They had onion soup mix powder and raisins in them.  Heavenly!  I've never tried to make them because I'm afraid they won't live up to my memories, and it's a good summertime memory.

Lately I've been making the same burger and no one is complaining.  It's juicy and savory and perfect.

A pound of meat, some dehydrated onion, a couple of spoons of hoisin.  Mix it together, form 4 patties and barbecue.  BBQ sauce and cheese are a nice touch but not necessary.

Huh.  I think I know what's for dinner tomorrow...