Friday, July 24, 2015

How to: Freeze tomato paste

Just like I freeze ginger, I do the same with tomato paste.

Most recipes I make that call for tomato paste only need one or two tablespoonfuls. 
So annoying to open up a can for only a little amount.

I occasionally buy tomato paste in tubes, but lately I haven't been using them fast enough before the tubes spoil, so I'm back to freezing the paste in spoonfuls.

This is much faster and less messy than the ginger.  No prep required!

I lay out a piece of plastic wrap.  
You want to leave a couple of inches between each blob of paste 
and down the side for the sealing step.
Spoon the paste onto the plastic wrap.  I did mine in one tablespoon blobs.
Fold the plastic wrap over the paste onto itself, like you're making ravioli.
Press the plastic wrap all around the paste to seal.

Cut the plastic wrap between each tomato paste package to separate.  Fold over any extra wrap to seal up.  Place the blobs in a freezer bag, and put in the freezer.