Saturday, May 03, 2014

Arigato Sushi

There are still no Vietnamese restaurants in Kamloops. My count since my last Vietnamese meal is approximately 9 months.
But sushi rules too. And tempura, noodles.......yum.

I've been to Arigato twice recently, and we enjoyed both visits very much.
The first time was for a family birthday and the family fell upon each dish like rabid badgers, so there are no photos.
We tried the vegetable and shrimp tempura, a sushi roll that I can't remember the name of, but it had salmon in it, so I didn't try it, gyoza, salmon salad, bento boxes, yakisoba, and chicken donburi.
It was all so, so good.

So, so good that we went back a couple of weeks later.

 The madness began the moment the green tea and miso soup hit the table.

As you can see, the 4 year old is pulling the soup over to him.  2 of his FAVORITE things in the world are green tea and miso soup.  I love it.  Except when I lose my green tea and miso soup to him.
This was, I believe, the crazy california roll.  It was.......crazy good.
They arrange their tempura quite nicely, and then my child knocks it over to get to the shrimp.
 Biminbap. Which is one of my very favorite dishes, but I've never seen it with lettuce before.  Pretty cool.

And also?  They are open on SUNDAYS.

Arigato Sushi
70-1395 Hillside Dr