Monday, January 28, 2013

6 of my favorite restaurants in Kamloops

Why six?  Five wasn't enough, and I didn't want to do ten.  Six is the new five.

I've had this post in draft for, seriously, three years.  The number of restaurants keeps changing, as do the restaurants themselves.  Some fell out of favor, some closed, new deliciousness was discovered.  But here's how it stands currently.

In no particular order, here are my favorite places to eat in Kamloops:

Brownstone Restaurant
One of the best fine dining restaurants in town, they have amazing affordable lunches as well.
Located at the edge of downtown on Victoria in a Heritage Building (a former bank), the duck fat fries are a must try.

Donair Express
My coworkers and I discovered this tiny eatery after a lunch meeting we were to attend was cancelled, and we were roaming the streets of downtown Kamloops looking for something fast and inexpensive.  These guys deliver.  Primarily takeout as they have only a handful of stools at a small counter, the food is fast and fresh.  My favorite is the chicken donair.  Affordable, filling and deliciously garlicky. 

Indian Aroma
Located in a tiny food court on Victoria Street, Indian Aroma is a real gem for Kamloops.  The owners are friendly and the food is brilliant.  The butter chicken is the best I've ever had.  A post from fellow Kamloops blogger A.L. alerted me to a daily special to try - Papri Chaat.  Unique and delicious.

Jam Can Cafe
Jamaican food  in Kamloops!  Awesome!  The North Shore of the city hit the jackpot when this restaurant opened up.  It has a warm and friendly atmosphere and a great mix of traditional and fusion foods.  Two to try - the Jamaican Clubhouse, and the Curried Chicken Roti.  And don't forget a side of Johnny Cakes.

Passek's Classics
Local and homemade are key words here.  Many ingredients are purchased locally.  They make their own bread, smoke their pork and turkey.  The menu is large and varied with something for everyone.  Check out the $8 lunch menu available Monday to Friday.  Hungry?  Order the Schnitzel Breakfast.

Mori Mori Japanese and Asian Grocery
A place to not only pick up all your Asian groceries, but your lunch, dinner and snacks too - they do prepared take out as well, at amazing prices.  Tempura, sushi, edamame, salads,dumplings, rice bowls...... so much variety, all of it delicious and deliciously affordable.  I have a weakness for the yam tempura.