Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hambuger cupcakes

My co-worker and her sister made these totally adorable cupcakes for a party last summer. They brought in a few to work as well.

I thought they were the sweetest thing, and after reading the directions, I knew they would be a perfect birthday dessert for my mother in law, as a follow up to the cake balls I made her for her birthday in 2010.

So last summer, I baked the cupcakes and brownies at home, sliced the cupcakes, cut out the brownie patties, and dyed the icing red, yellow and green.  I placed them in a cooler, and we went to the lake to my mother in laws trailer to celebrate her birthday.

I had planned to take the icings out of the cooler after dinner and let them soften a bit before assembling.  However, while we were eating dinner some of the family members announced that they were leaving right after we finished eating.  This was unexpected, and my sister in law and I had been hoping to have all the family there for dessert, so I ran into the trailer to start decorating while my sister in law asked the people leaving to hold on for a few more minutes. 

It was more difficult to try to decorate with the very cold and firm icing, and the time restrictions.  So they were not as cute as I'd hoped.  And I forgot the sesame seeds on the buns.  And this is the only picture I took.

But there were still cute, and delicious, and everyone loved them.
My sister in law said I beat the cake balls by a mile. But then she liked THIS years birthday dessert even better than the cupcakes.....