Wednesday, November 03, 2010


A fun part of having this blog is getting the opportunity to try new products from time to time. Recently we got to try some sodas from Jarritos. Jarritos is a Mexican soda company that uses natural sugar and comes in 11 flavors (in beautiful glass bottles), like pineapple. Now where I live pop comes in few flavors, basically cola, rootbeer, lemon lime and orange (that doesn't taste like oranges). So to try sodas with such exotic flavors was quite a treat.

We started by trying some straight up - the strawberry, the mandarin and the Toronja (grapefruit).  They were delicious - very light and fresh and real tasting.  The mandarin wasn't my favorite, but that's because I don't like orange pop.  BUT it tasted way better than the orange pop you can buy here, Scott assures.   I was most afraid of trying the Tamarind, because how unappealing does tamarind soda sound?  I was SO WRONG.  The Tamarind was my very favorite of the bunch.  I still miss it. 

We also played around a little.  We made ice cubes out of the Jamaica soda -

And then added some mango soda.

Delicious! We also made ice cubes from lime soda and mixed it with pineapple. So good.

We tried a couple of alcoholic drinks too.  We mixed the Toronja with vodka (kind of like a Greyhound) which was really nice, and also tried the Limon-lima with Pimms.  Yum.

And for dessert, a scoop of mango ice cream turned the Pineapple soda into a delicious float.

You can find Jarritos at their website here.
Jarritos is also on Facebook,
and flickr.