Sunday, October 31, 2010

We got Boo'd!

It's Paxton's first Halloween, and last summer before he was born, when we were in Calgary we bought a little pumpkin costume from a consignment shop. Last week Scott put him in it (those of you on my Facebook already know this) and I cried for 20 minutes. Where did my baby go? Who is this big 11 month old BOY? We got him back in the costume today for some photos (on facebook and flickr). Man, I got me a cute little one.

Here are our pumpkins this year. Scott did this very impressive Frankenstein:

I did this one, from an old Martha Stewart magazine, I think. I used a drill and drilled holes all over it:

Late this afternoon someone rang our doorbell and when Scott opened the door there was a bag of candy on the mat

We got Boo'd! I read about this a couple of years ago on Suburban Bliss.

I thought it was a fantastic idea but we don't know any of our neighbors but one, and they don't celebrate Halloween. But since whoever Boo'd us doesn't know us, it doesn't matter. I'll be doing this next year for sure.

But someone remind me, ok?