Wednesday, September 01, 2010

So corny

It was sort of weird. I started that "Here's what I ate today" week as a way to pull myself out of a cooking rut. I figured that maybe if I put a little bit of fun into it I'd feel more interested. Maybe find some new recipes to try. Instead it did the opposite, big time. I didn't want to cook, didn't want to post. Thought about hitting the delete button on my blog. So instead I turned off the computer and walked away. No blog, no email, no facebook or twitter. It was nice. And relaxing. Except for the part where my camera ate a whole bunch of pictures, personal and food related. Dammit.

I went to my very first corn maze a couple of days ago.

Our weather did a 180 turn last Thursday. The morning was sunny and hot and by the afternoon it was much cooler, with a big wind storm that turned to rain and thunder. The wind was so fierce I had to take the baby out of the stroller and try to protect him from the wind and blowing debris as we ran for cover. The rain only lasted a day but the temperatures have stayed low.

The maze was pretty fun. At most parts the corn was heading towards 7 feet tall. We were lost for about 30 minutes. My arms and back got a workout pushing the stroller over and under and around mud and rocks and dips and fallen corn. Not that Paxton noticed.

The signs outside the maze say not to pick any corn while you're in the maze. So when we were done I bought some corn to take home and freeze.

I decided to try 2 methods for freezing the corn. The basic blanch and freeze,

and also a recipe I found on where you don't boil the corn first, just cut it off the cobs and freeze it with a "brine".

I'm going to give them a couple of weeks in the freezer, then try them and see what we think. We're heading back that way this weekend; I think I'll be bringing more home if I'm lucky.