Thursday, July 01, 2010

Happy Canada Day, and grocery shop June 30

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! In BC and Ontario we don't have much to celebrate, as the HST kicks in today, costing us all more money in taxes. You know, just what we need in a recession. And to bring it in on Canada Day? What a kick in the arse.

Moving on! I finally remembered to take a grocery shop photo again.

This is yet another mish mash, I have meals planned for today, last nights dinner, and one more dinner, and the rest is just what it is. We've got -
salsa, eggos, plums, organic frozen peas for the baby, bacon, ground chicken, bell peppers, cucumber, cottage cheese, chips (for Canada Day), ice cream, sushi, juice, steak, hash browns, tomatos, onions, relish, strawberries, sausages, fresh basil, and steak spice.

Our freezer is just jam packed of I don't know what, so I want to work on eating some of the frozen fruit and veggies in there.

Total for the above $88.86. The store I went to doesn't show you your savings on the bill, which sucks.

I'm planning on trying 3 or 4 new recipes today. Hopefully of course they will all turn out, and if they do I'll be sharing with you soon.