Friday, July 16, 2010

Again, I am not a Babe. Again.

Ugh. 2 months in a row I've not baked the bread of my Bread Baking Babes. I'm not going to let it hit 3.

Please check out the Babes (listed over on the LEFT now) and see what they thought of this months bread - Yeasted Sprouted Wheat Bread from Lynn at Cookie Baker Lynn. It seems like a really interesting bread, and I hope we get lots of Buddies that try it.

Now, 2 pieces of news about the Bread Baking Babes.

First, we've committed ourselves to a schedule. So every month we'll be posting about the bread on the 16th, and every month buddies have until the 29th. Very sensible.

Second, we've grown! Please say a big hello to our 4 new Babes -
Elizabeth from blog from OUR kitchen
Elle from Feeding My Enthusiasms
Astrid from Paulchens FoodBlog
Susan from Wild Yeast

We're getting bigger, better and funner!

Happy Friday