Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Grocery Shop, May 3

My Mom and I went to a neighbourhood garage sale on the weekend and I pulled these magazines out of a box marked "Free".

2 are from the 70's and the rest are 83-85, and pretty much all the ads are for booze or cigarettes. Hey, if you need a recipe for Kipper Pate or Partridge Bourguignonne, give me a shout.

I actually had a plan when I went shopping this weekend. I'm trying to drop more than a few pounds and so I've cobbled together some sensible meals for the week. Please send good thoughts and low calorie and fat recipes my way.

I bought: asparagus, cheese, tortillas, edamame, green beans, egg whites, pears, potatos, lettuce, chicken, salsa, zucchini, steak, corn, turkey sausage, watermelon and yogurt.

I was a little worried how much this was all going to cost, it looked like a lot of food and some of it was pricey (chicken $7.99, salsa $4.99) but it was a reasonable $52.31. The receipts show you at the bottom how much you've saved with your savings card. I forgot to post it in the other grocery posts I've done, but this week I saved a whopping $14.43!