Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FNCCC - The Neeleys

Patrick and Gina Neeley's shows aren't shown on food tv here in Canada. They've shown a couple of specials in the past year or two but that's it. I went searching on the Food Network website for a recipe, and found one I knew Scott would like, a Memphis Monte Cristo.

This Monte Cristo has ham, turkey, gouda cheese, and bbq sauce.

These sandwiches are easy and fast to make. Scott did love them. I thought they were only ok. The bbq sauce, which usually I love, pushed it over the top. I think there was just too much going on in this sandwich for me. But I would definitely make these again and just leave the sauce off mine.

You can see the recipe here.

And please go visit Sarah, the creator of the FNCCC, to see what other delicious meals were made this week!


Candi said...

As much as we love "hot ham and cheese" sandwiches, I've never made a Monte Cristo...I'm going to try it soon! Yours looks great!

Sara said...

They really are good, I've made them a few times before with different meat and cheese combos.

SnoWhite said...

good to know -- I'd likely leave the BBQ off mine too!

Sarah said...

Yum! I like ketchup on my grilled cheese so I bet I would like BBQ sauce on my Monte Cristo. The spicier the better. Thanks for cooking along with FNCCC. I hope you can find a recipe for next week that you both love :)

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NKP said...

Yum, sounds good! I am with you, I would leave off the BBQ sauce too.