Thursday, September 03, 2009

oh what a world

We came back from Calgary on Monday. A sad trip - the funeral of Scott's beloved Nana. The trip was hard, made even more difficult for me (and poor Scott) by my new pregnancy induced level of emotion. But there were some happy moments - seeing family and friends after nearly 2 years, introducing my baby bump to Scott's Mom for the first time. Spending lots of time with our wonderful and weird little nephew, who will turn 3 around the time his cousin is born.

As we drove home on Monday the skies were blue and cloudless, we were surrounded by beautiful green forests and the air (until we hit smoky skies from the forest fires) smelled heavenly. And Rufus Wainwright's Oh, What A World came on the ipod.

Oh what a world my parents gave me
Still I think I'm doin' fine
Wouldn't it be a lovely headline
Life is
Beautiful on a New York Times
Oh what a world
We live in