Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend Cookbook Challenge 35 - BBQ Corn Pizza

I promised that I would share 3 appetizer recipes for this month's Weekend Cookbook Challenge and here's number 3 - BBQ Corn Pizza. I know! How good does that sound? Still uninspired by anything in my cookbook collection, I again turned to my cache of recipes on I bookmarked this recipe back in July 2007 so it's high time I gave it a go - BBQ Pizza with Fresh Summer Corn and Sweet Onions from Susan at Food Blogga.

I love pizza, and I really love using BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce from time to time. It doesn't work with all pizza ingredients, but something like a chicken and onion pizza, or Susan's corn and onion pizza are perfect. As it is December I obviously did not use fresh summer corn. But I did have some really nice frozen organic corn in the freezer, and a red onion in the pantry.

The onions and corn are sauteed, then spooned over the bbq sauce spread crust.
Then the pizza's topped with smoked gouda cheese and baked.
My cheese didn't want to melt. But! It still tasted good.
We cut the slices small for finger food. They went fast.
Thanks to Food Blogga for this great recipe! I'm sorry I had to use bottled bbq sauce, I'll be trying your bbq sauce recipe (in the same post) soon. Recipe: BBQ Pizza with Fresh Summer Corn and Sweet Onions.

You've got until December 30 to get me your Appetizer posts for Weekend Cookbook Challenge.
Find an appetizer recipe (from a book, magazine, Internet etc), make it, blog it, and send me a link. My email is iliketocook AT shaw DOT ca.


Anonymous said...

I love fancey pizzas like that! Have you been to California Pizza Kitchen? They have some really cool ones.

Anonymous said...

Ooh I love corn on pizza! I first tried it when I lived in Japan (they add mayo too) and it was delicious! :)

Sara said...

Thanks ladies!

Annie said...

It looks great Sara. I've never tried corn on my pizza but that really looks good. Leave it to Susan, she always has great ideas...

it's only fuel said...

Hi Sara! I fell off the blogworld radar and had a desire to check yours and see you have taken this thing to great heights:) I love your pics and challenges.

Perhaps one day, if I get off my lazy bum, I'll join in one:)

Take care and keep up the great work.


S said...
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natalia said...

Ciao Sara ! I love all your appetizers ! Happy new year ! Baci