Friday, August 01, 2008


It's only hours until we head out to the Saturday market. Here's what we bought last week:

Zucchini ($1!) that I put next to my kitchen ruler to show how big it is; the ruler is 12". Potatos, cukes (2 for $1!), beans, yellow squash that I cooked on the bbq with olive oil and Spike, sprouts, and raspberries.

I have told you next to nothing about my garden this year. We had planned to rip up some sod and put in a garden like we had in Calgary, but it didn't happen. So we planted in the existing garden in the backyard. It's been pretty hit or miss; we had a slow start to spring/summer and then the heat hit with a vengeance. My squash and watermelon plants were the first casualties, and my herbs are all struggling. Here's what looks good still:

Celery! We are growing celery!

And kale. I think it's time to start picking. I only have one kale recipe, anyone got any suggestions?
Our 2 heirloom tomato plants. They are large and in charge and finally have some wee tomatos on them. Any time now....

Pepper plant, with little teeney peppers.

Zucchini! And a couple more possibly on thier way.

My potatos totally suck this year. So, so depressing.

Out tomato plant we bought from Costco. It looks like crap, but we've gotten a ton of yummy tomatos off of it, with more greenies waiting to ripen.

I made the cooking club recipe from last month - potato skins from the new show Road Grill. Ultimately I didn't submit this for 2 reasons. One, it was a miserable day when I made these and I didn't use the grill. Two, um, I really don't like this show. At all. And try as I might, I just couldn't write a nice post about it. But the skins were good - bacon, cheese, tomato and green onion. Potato skins rule!


glamah16 said...

O h how I wish I had a real garden. Isnt it great to create dishes from them? Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Lea said...

Kale + ham hocks = FTW!!!!!

Simmer the ham hocks in water for like 4 hours.... then add the kale and cook for another 20-30 mins or so.

Hell yes.

Sara said...

Lea - that is the one kale recipe I have! But dammit it's good.

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