Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have a pretty bad memory, so I can't remember when or how I found the website What Did You Eat and its author Sher. What I do remember is this. I loved the title and its description -

What Did You Eat?
The first question asked by my family on any occasion

(In my family it's What did you have?)

The other thing that got me was her photos. Always incredible. As someone who can't take a good picture (and doesn't have the patience to try either) I was amazed every visit at how wonderful her pictures were. I printed off her recipe for these potato cakes not only because they sounded delicious, but also because the photos were so great.

What kept me coming back was her writing.

Today the Bread Baking Babes were to have posted about our July bread. Instead we are posting tributes to Sher. She was the groups biggest cheerleader, and could always find something positive to say about someones disappointment/failure/disaster.

I've got a small pile of Sherry's recipes bookmarked or printed off, but I decided for today to find a different recipe, so I got to spend some time on her blog. Like every other time I was struck by her wit, her writing and her photos. Sher took part in many food events - in addition to the Daring Bakers and Bread Baking Babes she was a frequent contributor to Weekend Cat Blogging, Weekend Herb Blogging, and Presto Pasta Nights. Since PPN is one of my favorite events too, I chose to make Sher's recipe for Pastina Timbale.

I chose it because it's not something I would normally try, because I'd be too afraid to mess it up. So for this I wanted to try it because it's not something I would try, because I'd be afraid I'd mess it up. That, and Sher referenced Big Night, which is one of my favorite movies.

When I made the dish, I didn't think about how long it was taking (which was more me moving slow than the recipe). I didn't think about how many pans, pots and dishes I was dirtying. I didn't even think about how bummed I'd be if they didn't de-mold properly. I thought about Sher, and my other blog friends. I thought about how nice it felt to be trying something new. I thought about how happy I was to be cooking in the kitchen with Scott. I thought about the amazing power of the internet and how you can come to care so much about people you've never laid eyes on. And I also thought about how life can be so goddamn short.

The dish turned out perfectly. It was beautiful and tasted wonderfully summery and fresh. It was easy too, but looks totally impressive. I can't wait to make this again. And when I do, I'll think of Sher.

My thoughts are with Sher's family and friends at this terrible time. We all miss her very much. Thank you to Glenna, who is compiling a list of bloggers who are paying tribute to Sher today.

Bye Sher, and thanks.