Monday, September 17, 2007

Bites 3.0

Yes, I just did Bites 2.0 a few days ago, but I have stuff to share. Probably not interesting to anyone but me. Maybe even not me. But oh well.

Can you tell I still don't feel well?


I cleaned out the freezer in the basement and was shocked by how much crap was in there. All the mystery food covered in ice got thrown out. All the leftover bread products too. I was left with frozen bananas and sausage, basically. And some spring roll wrappers and veggie dumplings. I used some of the sausage (turkey) to make these biscuits for breakfast:

Here's the recipe. I also used up the last of my Bisquick that I bought when we made the vegan gravy.

I want to make sausage gravy to use up some more, but quite frankly, this body does not need any sausage or gravy right now.


Friday night my company threw a party. No, it was not a going away party for me - I've been working on this party for 2 months. It was a nice night. I ate my weight in coconut shrimp and vegetable pakoras. When I make this Coconut Shrimp recipe again, I am definitely going to use packaged coconut. The ones at the party looked much neater (ie tidier) and tasted more coco-nutty.


Saturday was a bad day for me. Friday was too long of a day and I felt terrible. I can't shake this cold. I did some minor stuff around the house in the morning, then just laid on the couch in the basement. Scott joined me when he got home from work - he was tired and had a bad headache. We laid in the dark for a while until we were hungry. So - and I can't believe I am going to tell you this, especially since my parents read this - I grabbed the laptop and ordered pizza over the Internet. OH THE SHAME! But hey, that way neither of us had to go upstairs to, you know, cook anything. Or walk 5 feet to the telephone. We were able to lay around for another 40 minutes until the doorbell rang. Scott lost the argument over who had to answer the door. I was still in my pajamas.


Sunday I was forced to do unspeakable things like have a shower and get dressed. A friend was taking me for brunch! We met for Sunday Brunch at the Palliser Hotel downtown. I didn't take my camera with me as my dining companion does not know about this blog. But wow, I wish I had. The spread was incredible. We ate....well, lots. We started with croissants, fresh fruit, meat and cheese, and salads. I tried a bit of green salad with vinaigrette and a couple of bites of vegetable penne pasta salad, which I dropped on my shirt. Classy! Mah friend went with the scallop salad and also tried some cold salmon. Next we had eggs Benedict (excellent hollandaise sauce), sausage, and roasted potatos. They also had a Benedict made with salmon, but I don't like salmon. I skipped the hot salmon dish, but my friend tried it and liked it. We both skipped the roast pork, roast chicken, coq au vin, veggies, rice, and something else that I can't remember. I had planned on hitting the carving station for a piece of roast beef, but I just couldn't do it. We skipped the omelet station too. Next plate was mini Belgian waffles. We each had one. They split them in half so you can fill them with strawberries and whipped cream, which we did. We also had a bit more fruit. The fourth (but who's counting?) and final trek up was for some dessert. It was a truly beautiful dessert table. Everything was gorgeous and colorful. The cutest thing was the two trays filled with puddings, chocolate mousse, and creme brule - all in shot glasses! They were so adorable, and the perfect size. I had a small piece of chocolate truffle cake and a shot glass of mousse, and she had a raspberry tart and a shot glass of layered chocolate and vanilla pudding.

And then we both exploded.

So the whole time we're there, I'm thinking - Scott would love this! We totally have to come here before we leave town!. The bill came and I was informed that I was being treated. I thanked her very much. When she went to the washroom I peeked at the bill to see the price for when I came back with Scott.

$40.00 a person.

For brunch! Can you believe that? I was and still am in shock. If I had known how much it was I never would have gone there. Naturally, Scott and I are NOT going there before we leave. Too bad though.


Last weekend I went for lunch at Milestones. I had the Eggs Milestones Benedict off the brunch menu. It was amazing. But I don't think there was cheese on mine.


We went out for drinks last night. By the time we leave town I am going to weigh 900 lbs and have a pickled liver. I got a wonderful birthday/going away present - a juicer!!!!! I'm totally thrilled, I've been wanting one for ages. I've picked out two juices from the manual to try tonight. Look for a juicy post soon.


We are busy and it's only going to get worse. I've got lots to share with you - hope I can get it all in. Sorry I haven't been visiting many blogs lately. Hopefully that will change in October.

I'm trying hard to have the WCC 20 round up ready to be posted tomorrow.

Have a great day!


anita said...

Sorry you're not well, Sara! hope you get better soon!

Deborah said...

Sounds like you've been busy!! My husband and I went to brunch at a place in Seattle that was about $40 a person, but they had all kinds of seafood - tons of crab legs!! - so it was worth the price. Definitely not something we do often at all, but a splurge since we were on vacation!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. Your dishes and meals sound lovely!


breadchick said...

I know what you mean about weighing 900lbs before you leave your old home for your new one. The last two weekends I was in Boston I think it was 4 straight days of doing nothing but eating at favourite places.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

OH!! and PHEW!!! I always feel bad when I order pizza ala the internet but now I don't feel so bad. If only I can teach LB how to answer the door, pay the delivery boy, and bring me pizza in bed!!!

Lis said...

ha! We live the same life.. except you eat better. :P

I've ordered pizza on the net.. and made hubbs go to the door with the pajama trick. ;)

Ugh am sorry you are still feeling ka-ka. I hope the funk goes away soon!