Monday, May 28, 2007

Interview Meme - Lis asks the questions, AND, my garden!

Recently Lis from La Mia Cucina was interviewed by Ilva at Lucullian Delights. Ilva asked 5 questions and Lis answered them on her blog. To keep the meme going anyone who wanted to take part was asked to leave a comment and she'd send you your 5 questions to answer on your own blog. I offered myself up and Lis has sent me my questions.

1. What do you like the best about where you live? The least?

Calgary is a very multicultural city. There's pretty much every type of restaurant and food store you could want. The bad thing about that for me is that we live in the deep South end of the city, and all the places I want to eat at or shop at are in the far North. Between the distance, traffic and the cost of gas we don't explore as much as I'd like. We have a nice Chinatown. There are some good organic and health food stores in the south, and an ok Italian shop, although the best one is Lina's in the North. We have some beautiful parks and a great Zoo. And if you like to drink your face off for 10 days in the summer, come to Calgary for the Stampede. What I don't like about Calgary is how big it has become. The cost of living, population and traffic have all skyrocketed in the last couple of years.

2. You've been given $200 - just for you. What would you do with the money? Clothes? Shoes? Foodie items?

It would get split between my 2 favorite things to spend money on - cookbooks and music. They are my crack. I'd like to get a Barefoot Contessa cookbook and so many people like Donna Hay I'd like to try some of her stuff. And I'd really like to own The Silver Spoon. Although I would really really like this or even this, and I really really really want a juicer. Can I have more than $200?

3. Everyone is getting this question, just because I wanna know! If you were told that you could only have 5 foods and 1 beverage for the rest of your life - what would they be?

I am going to give 2 answers for this - 5 dishes and 5 ingredients.


Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio - Vietnamese BBQ Pork and Spring Rolls on Rice Noodles.
Pasta with tomatos.
Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches.
Tempura Veggies.
and for a drink, Rye and Coke.


Cheese from Gort's Gouda Cheese
Red Bell Peppers
Drink: Milk.

4. Do you think if you weren't a Foodie, would you still write a blog? What would it be about?

Am I a foodie? Well, I probably would want to have one. Probably journal-style. My favorite website is All and Sundry and I read it every day. But my life is boring and I am not that interesting, so I can't imagine it would be that fun to read, or write for that matter.

5. Top 5 favorite movies of all time?

This is such a hard question, only 5???? Man.

Dark Victory - I cry myself sick every time I watch. I saw this movie for the first time with my Mom at my Grandparents house when I was a teenager . My Mom and I kept up constant jokes and we annoyed my Nana so much she went to bed. But by the time the movie ended both of us were sobbing so hard we couldn't hear the TV.

The English Patient - everything about this movie is beautiful.

Shaun of the Dead - One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and so clever. Every time I watch it I see something I've missed before.

Amelie - I just love this movie.

Pan's Labyrinth - This is such a visually stunning movie, and a good story.

Lis, I hope I did you proud. If anyone would like to be "interviewed" by me, email me at iliketocook at shaw dot ca.


So hey! I finished planting my garden yesterday!

This is the first year we've had an actual garden; we've always just tried container planting before. My thumb is not green, it's black, so I don't have a good feeling about this. But what the heck.

Here's some lettuce planted in a container. I had excellent luck the first year I planted lettuce in containers - we could barely keep up with it. The last 3 years my lettuce hasn't grown but I can't give up. Freshly picked lettuce is one of the best tasting foods in the world.

Here's my garden! Scott built it for me last month.

Here's my basil plant. It was in a container in the kitchen but Scott liberated it on Saturday. I've also planted some basil seeds in the same square. I really wanted a rosemary but I went to 3 places yesterday and no one had any. Why? And what's with all the different sages at the garden centres? Where did they come from?



Every year Scott insists on trying to grow tomatos and every year nothing happens. My Mom is going to bring us an heirloom tomato plant when they come next month. So he will have 2 plants. Will this year be the year Scott is victorious? 2 zucchini's next to the tomater.


Carrots and Radishes! I don't really like radishes, and I have no idea why I planted them. Caught up in the moment, I guess.

Here's my little buddy. He hangs out in our yard all day every day.

Happy Monday!


peasantwench said...

Your garden is so nice and organized! I'll try and post pics of mine - which have rows going every which way with onions interplanted between everything else - so messy.

Oh, sages. John's a huge fan of the purple one - he claims it tastes better. We tend to have a purple one and a plain one, so that I can pick enough at the end of the season to dry to get us through the winter.

Did you try Golden Gate for rosemary? They generally have everything, though we bought ours this year at the Saskatoon berry farm.

Sara said...

I totally forgot about the Saskatoon Farm and then my neighbours came home with armfuls of stuff from there yesterday. I was so mad. Yes I did try Golden Gate, no rosemary.

Peabody said...

Yes the COL in Calgary has gone up a aunt and uncle comment on it all the time.

gilly said...

Hi Sara! I enjoyed your interview! I was in Calgary in 2003, and then again in 2005 and couldn't believe how much it expanded in just that short period of time - probably even more now!

Shaun of the Dead was hilarious! It was the type of movie that I was pretty sure I would hate, but actually ended up laughing the whole time... I loved the camera work in it - those funny zoom in effects.

Sara said...

Peabody - I swear too it gets worse every week.

Gilly - you would be shocked if you came back to Calgary now, it is much different.

Brilynn said...

Alright Sara, I've seen this meme pop up everywhere and I've finally decided that I'm up for some questions if you want to send them my way...

Elle said...

Love your new garden. Raised beds are usually great you have a bumper crop!

peasantwench said...

Totally not related the this food (which I cannot eat, what with the lactose intolerance - cream cheese is practically fatal and I miss it so much) - I was at Green Gate (garden gate? golden gate? whatever) and they have rosemary again, if you've not yet found it. Lots of it.

I kind of went nuts with the herbs this year - between the perennials (lemon thyme, chives, chervil, oregano, purple sage) and what I have just planted (other sage, mint, marjoram, sweet basil, thai basil, parsley, italian parsley)... I had better find some good recipes to use this bounty on!

Lis said...

Holy crap I hate when my blog reading is cut out of my daily routine and shoved to the weekend. I miss so much good stuff... like the interview FINALLY! hehee

Excellent answers! I will be renting those movies, I can't wait. I saw Pan's Labryinth last week and fell in love with it.. totally amazing movie.

Your garden is gorgeous! I love the decorative corners.. that Scott is pretty damn handy with the nail & hammer, eh? I wish you lots of luck this summer - I know how disappointing it is plant lots of veggies and then not have them produce. (my zucchini last year sucked.. but we're trying again this year). As for the radishes, I don't like them either - he does. But I was reading on Tammy's FOOD ON THE FOOD blog that if you pick the sprouts and eat them (by doing that it also is suppose to ensure a bigger crop) they are delicious. Ours are just coming up so I might give that a try. For the lettuce, do you pick it when it's very young the first time? We seem to get plenty of lettuce after that first harvest before it's fully grown..

I can't wait to see how the garden progresses this summer!

Thank you SO MUCH for playing along with the interview - it was even better reading it for the 2nd time. hehhee


Sara said...

PW - Scott brought me home a rosemary the other day! Now I am happy.

Lis - I am not holding my breath on how the garden will go, but it's fun. I run out and check on it as soon as I get home every day. We saw radish and beet sprouts for sale at the Calgary Farmers Market at Easter. I keep forgetting to plant some in a container. My Mom has planted radish seeds for radish sprouts and says they're coming along well.