Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sandwich Week! Day Five

Day Five already! Today's sandwich is....

The Bacon and Eggwich.

While certainly not the healthiest sandwich in the world, this can be whipped up for a fast breakfast, lunch or dinner in minutes. If you use the microwave it can be even faster.

Here's how we make our eggwiches.

I only like my eggs scrambled, and for this sandwich Scott likes his fried. So, do what you will with your egg. Cook some bacon, 2 (or more) strips per sandwich. Sometimes we use bread, sometimes buns, sometimes bagels. Toast your bread item, if desired, and spread a little bit of mayo on one piece of bread. When your eggs and bacon are done, assemble your sandwich. Place the egg on the bottom piece of bread, then a slice of cheese. Top with the bacon and then douse the whole thing with hot sauce. Top with the other bread, and serve straight away, with ketchup on the side for dipping.

Daily Question - Your favorite restaurant is going to name a sandwich after you. What does it have in it? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Trivia Question 5 - What is the official Pepper of Texas? Save up your answers to the 7 trivia questions and email them to me on Day 7. A winner will be drawn and will be sent a prize!


Mike said...

Wow, that sandwich sounds great - I especially like the hot sauce. What kind do you use? I use Crystal, search high and low because it's the best. I have friends bring it up from New Orleans everytime they visit family.

What's on the Mikewich? Mayonnaise and bacon FOR SURE. I really like tomatoes and lettuce, so the BLT sounds about right. But, what to make it different. I would add a slice of Monterey Jack cheese on the bcaon so it melts just a little.

I do have a thing for cured meats, though. The classic pastrami on rye with brown mustard is a thing of beauty.

Let's not forget hot dogs - they're sandwiches, too! A quality hot dog on a potato roll with relish and mustard is a piece of Heaven. Oh, don't boil or steam the dogs, cook them in a bit of butter until brown on all sides and save the sauerkraut for the bratwurst.


Brilynn said...

A croissant with lobster, finely chopped celery and finely chopped mild sweet onion, homemade mayo, baby lettuce. Oh man, I'm making myself hungry.

peasantwench said...

Hmm. I think it would be fresh baked foccacia bread with bbq spicy chicken, two fresh tomato slices and some aged white cheddar. Which I now want to go make right now...

Dawna said...

Your sandwiches all look yummy, Sara! Have you ever read Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book? It's got some pretty fab ideas.

I'm a big fan of toasted sandwiches, and the one I make at work sometimes has sliced tomatoes and cucumber, cheese, and thickly-sliced avocado between grainy slices of toast. Sometimes I'll put a dab of mayonnaise on, sometimes not, but it's important to season the tomatoes and cukes with a little salt and pepper. Bacon would be a good addition, too, but probably not at work...

breadchick said...

I'm so taking Mike's bacon, and then lightly bread and fry Bri's Bug or "lobstah" ( as we call them here in Beantown), a few candy like Nantucket Bay scallops, Ipswich clams, some mayo, some sweet pickles, and put it in a New England hotdog roll and they'll call it Seafood Roll ala Breadchick!

Sara said...

Mike - I have to say that we are not all that particular about hot sauce, although there is a great company here in town called Some Like it Hot and they make some great ones.

Brilynn - sounds delicious!

PW - make me one while you're at it...

Dawna - no I haven't but I will have to keep an eye out. This week has made me want to try lots more with sandwiches.

Mary - holy cow that is one decadent sounding sandwich!

peasantwench said...

Hee - without even suggesting it to John that's now the plan for dinner either Monday or Tuesday, which ever day we're home.

sher said...

I LOVE egg sandwiches, can't imagine life without them!!!!! That looks so good.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Eggs are breakfast comfort food aren't they.
I do love egg sandwiches! Like the way you chip the chees on yours.

Lis said...

We make egg sandwiches for dinner every once in a while, too! They are super nummy =) Love yours on the roll - never thought to do that. Next time!

Course the sandwich named for me would most likely be lightly toasted, thin slices of a crusty bread - like a tuscan boule, both sides buttered and then a thin spreading of nutella on the bottom, covered by carmelized bananas and then a thin schmear of marshmallow fluff on the top slice.


C'mon.. you didn't think a sammich named for me would be healthy did you? heee!

BUT if we're talking my favorite sammich - that would simply be, the freshest italian bread sliced thin, with a thin schmear of mayo and about 5 slices of bacon. And then you must smoosh it together really well. Mmm hmmm.. I heart pork fat.


Sara said...

PW - that's the way to do it!

Sher - they are so good and so fast too.

Tanna - thanks. normally we would use cheese slices (shudder) but I had some mozza to use up. i liked it better.

Lis - both of those sandwiches sound divine!