Sunday, January 21, 2007

It''s ALIVE!

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes when I was sick. I'm feeling better today and actually have some interest in food.

Last weekend we did some shopping (at a store that I'll be telling you about soon) and we bought a pack of kumquats. I'd never had one before and didn't know much about them but I bought them anyway. We tried eating them out of hand but they are quite seedy. I don't think that's really common to kumquats (I'm guessing) so maybe these were a bad batch. I didn't want to throw them away so I did some hunting around on the internet. I haven't found enough ideas yet to use them all up, but I did see an idea on Epicurious for kumquat butter, so this morning I made some for our toast.

It's very very good, in a sort of marmalade-y way. It's nice on toast and bagels and I think it might also be really really excellent on french toast or maybe even pancakes. I may have to test that theory out next weekend.

Kumquat Butter

1/2 cup butter at room temperature
5 kumquats washed well
3 tsp or to your taste powdered sugar
big pinch salt

Place the butter in a bowl and mix well with a spoon to soften. Quarter the kumquats and remove any seeds. Place the kumquats in a food processor and chop finely (or chop with a knife). Mix the kumquats, sugar and salt into the butter and stir well. Taste and adjust the salt or sugar if needed. Store in the fridge.

So two questions for you.

1. Does anyone have any suggestions to use up the rest of the kumquats? I have about a cup of whole fruit left.

2. Is it just me, or is this not a flattering picture?


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I really just love eating them out of hand.
The kumquat butter looks really great. If I had some kumquats I might try it in a bread pudding.
Glad you are again interested in food.

peabody said...

Do you own The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle? If so there is a kumquat cookie recipe in there.

Quellia said...

No, you are right, it is a horrid picture. I'm not a big fan of Nigela but even I can see that this doesn't suit her at all!
PS Sorry, never even tried a kumquat.

Blair said...

I think that they are trying to hide Nigellas true size, as you can also see from her TV show... a shame really as she can be extremely beautiful when it isn't obvious they are trying to hide her size...
I can't wait to try kumquat butter... never thought to do that.

KJP said...

I like Kumquats as they are, but if you have already chopped them up - add them to plain yogurt! My default for anything fruity and left over.

Haven't a clue what a Nigellas is but I see up in the corner you could win a date with Kurt Browning! Whoo-hoo!

Lis said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better =)

I've never had a kumquat either, so I can't help.

No, it's not a flattering picture of Nigella - she's so much more gorgeous.

Sara said...

Thanks Tanna. I am assuming because there are so many people that eat them like that I must have just bought a flukey batch.

Peabody - sadly, I do not.

Quellia - This is the first time I've seen a kumquat, I think.

Blair, you are probably right. She's a beautiful woman, it's a shame they feel the need to do that.

KJP - kumquats and yogurt...good idea. No Nigella!?!?!? I used to the the BIGGEST crush on Kurt Browning.

Thanks Lis!!

Randi said...

I really think they totally retouched that picture of her. She's not that slim.

Randi said...

I really think they totally retouched that picture of her. She's not that slim.