Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pavani's Curried Koftas

Fantastic recipe alert!

Last week when I saw Pavani's Kofta Curry dish over at Cooks Hideout I knew I had found that night's dinner. It was fairly easy to make and I had all the ingredients (but the paneer) already at home. Within an hour of getting home Scott and I sat down to a fantastic meal of Kofta and Naan (Scott had rice too). The panfried kofta smelled amazing and tasted even better. And the sauce was so good that Scott actually licked his plate! (Don't tell him I told you!)
This dish gets a huge thumbs up and we'll be having this a lot this winter. Thanks Pavani!


kickpleat said...

thank you sara for recognizing my silly and stupid pop culture reference! it's what i live for! as for the kofta, yum! it's my favorite indian dish.

Pavani said...

I'm so glad you loved the recipe Sara..

Sara said...

kickpleat - :) (and i don't give those out to just anyone...in fact that might be my first smiley face on the computer.)

Pavani - I did! Thanks again.