Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yippie Ki-Yay, M-F!

So the Calgary Stampede is over and done with for another year. For you, and only you, my lovelies, I went to the Stampede to sample some of the culinary delights. How I did not gain 10 pounds is a mystery to me.
Next time I go, I am going to have some bannok for sure.
Mid-afternoon, before a million more people showed up.
Corn Dogs!
They had really really good looking pizza here.
You could probably eat at the Stampede all day every day its on and not repeat a meal.
Our appetizer: a corn dog with mustard and curly fries. This was only my second corn dog in my life and hot damn was it good. I refuse to think about how fattening this is.
The BEST thing about the Stampede. Mini Donuts.

Also next time I go, I will have either a funnel cake or an elephant ear.
Sooooo good when it's 30' on the grounds.
Who could drink coffee when it's so hot???
Yay! Mini donuts!
Meet Robert the Budweiser horse.
Texas chips.
Beef on a bun.
The backside of a band.
Pineapple Whip.

I feel the need to clarify that all this food was shared...I did not eat it all myself, thank God. Only for you I did this...and I hope I don't have to do it again for a loooooong time.


Tanna said...

Wow, what a strong and brave person you have been. We are all soooo proud of you for braving the crowds and force feeding yourself all those goodies and taking all those pics so we wouldn't miss out.
As wild as it seems, the fair is always such a fun day.

Pam said...

That looks like an awesome day out!!

Jeff said...

What is this mysterious thing called Texas chips? I've never heard of that before.

Mandy said...

Yum, all the food looks good.

Sara said...

Tanna - I'm glad you appreciate the sacrifice I made for you!!!!
Pam - eh, it was ok.
Jeff - I had never heard of them either. They were sliced really thinly and fried. They were almost like a potato chip. And the serving was huge! We didn't come close to finishing it.
Mandy - it was. Did you go to the grounds this year?

Ruth said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing...great photos!

SweetSarahJ said...

Yum. I lovelovelove carnival food. This reminds me so much of the
CNE. I always go for the corn dogs, elephant ears (or Beavertails), lemonade. Thanks for giving me a taste of the carnival!

lobstersquad said...

that looks like paradise. I´ve never had a corn dog but it sounds better than good.

AJ said...

Flashback. Kudos on managing to not gain 10 lbs during Stampede! It's a shame I'm unable to say the same for me ...

Cyndi said...

I know and love funnel cakes, but what are elephant ears?

Sara said...

Cyndi - I think it's very similar. I have never had either.